WELCOME to the Undergraduate Program in International Studies. The Department offers a rigorous curriculum with an emphasis on foreign language skills, area studies expertise, the interdisciplinary study of global and international issues, and a commitment to civic engagement. You will be able to study the effects global health concerns have on local and global contexts, the complexity of identities around the world, the interconnection of sustainable development and international policies, human rights, social movements and legal regimes, diplomatic efforts to address global security concerns and prevent conflict, international cultural management practices, and the impact of digital communication on the world stage. We offer small classes, encourage close collaboration with faculty, and prepare students for exciting and rewarding careers at home and abroad.

Our undergraduate majors have opportunities to learn from experts in the field, engage in meaningful international experiences, partake in distance learning opportunities, and conduct in-depth research in a capstone project. We consistently attract Wells Scholars and our students have been repeated winners of IU Distinction, FLAS and Palmer Brandon scholarships, and Boren awards. We also have a continuous presence in the highly competitive Teach for America and Peace Corps programs. Our faculty members emphasize collaborative learning, apply innovative pedagogy in undergraduate teaching, and encourage civic engagement through service learning projects. This holistic approach cultivates global and intercultural competencies, allows students to attain a global perspective, and prepares graduates for future careers in the international arena.
Students who earn a B.A. or a B.S. degree in International Studies are able to:

  • Effectively communicate across cultures in at least two languages
  • Have deep knowledge of at least one region outside the US
  • Analyze information through a multidisciplinary context of theory and methodology
  • Develop skills for critical reading and thinking, team work, research and writing
  • Identify and understand cultural differences
  • Recognize the US as a piece of the global puzzle

The skills students attain in International Studies allow them to pursue careers in NGOs, law and the legal professions, foreign service, public relations, think tanks, media, business, municipal, state and federal agencies, political action committees, performing arts management, tourism promotion, museums, film and recording industries, journalism, and education. We collaborate closely with the College of Arts and Sciences Career Services to identify internship and job opportunities for our students. With over 650 alumni we have established successful Alumni Associations in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Indianapolis, and New York.

We are proud of our curriculum, our young and energetic alumni, and our engaging students. The faculty’s research and teaching, and the students’ civic engagement foster a thoughtful global citizenry dedicated to making a change in the world.

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