Indiana University’s mission is to internationalize the curriculum and prepare students to compete in the global arena. The Graduate Program in the Department of International Studies is working to support and enhance this mission. The Graduate Program trains students to recognize and analyze international and global issues through a humanities and social science lens with greater emphasis on critical reasoning. Students cultivate their international communication skills, sharpen their proficiency in writing, engage in debates about global citizenship, and evaluate the historical context of current political, economic, cultural, health and environmental decisions.

Students are better trained in developing real-life leadership and on-the-ground skills to prepare them for careers of international scope in the public and private sectors. The program aims to increase social awareness, foreign language competency, intercultural sensitivity, and the ability to reason ethically. Graduate degrees in HLS programmatically combine work in the department of International Studies, the Area Studies programs and departments, and in the foreign language departments, all of which enjoy excellent national and international reputations.

The Graduate Program in International Studies offers a Master of Arts, a Master of Science and an Integrated B.A./M.A. All these degrees offer students a distinct opportunity to develop their intellectual and professional capabilities from a cross-cultural and international perspective. The Graduate Program at IU is particularly unique. Among its core faculty are scholars and practitioners working to enhance student knowledge from multiple perspectives whether it be on global health, climate change, international human rights law or security studies. Students have the opportunity to work together with the Program’s own Graduate Careers Director to discuss and explore post-graduation career opportunities or summer internships throughout the duration of the program. For more information on the eligibility requirements of each of these degrees, please click on the links above.

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